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Episode #188

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Photobucket is accused of blackmailing users, Microsoft’s Bing is gaining against Google, Oculus founder supports anti-DRM VR software, and Tidal has a surprise Jay-Z exclusive release.


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Perception follows Cass, a young blind woman who is plagued by recurring dreams of an abandoned mansion, a rope, a ticket, an apple and an ax. Deciding to put her nightmares to rest she goes to investigate the old house alone.

Episode #187: See you cowgirl, someday, somewhere!

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More than 5 billion people have a mobile phone, Yahoo & AOL are now Oath, a nonprofit plans to ban cell phone use for pre-teens, and reviews of
Perception and GoreScript.

Expeditions: Viking

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Sometimes I pick up a game because I want to feel like a real badass. There’s something very special about becoming someone incredible, capable of great feats worthy of epic ballads and text book immortalization. Expeditions: Viking was one of those games for me.

Episode #186: Chips N’ Dips

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The Android OS is installed on more than 2 billion devices, Bethesda’s mod announcement at E3, the death of Greenlight and launch of Steam Direct, and a review of Expedition: Vikings.

Episode #185: Zelda: The Legend of something or other

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Nintendo’s upcoming online Switch subscription, an all-Electric Supercar loses to a hybrid in the Nurburgring Lap, one of Napster’s founders reveals movie anti-piracy technology, and YouTube is actually pretty effective at preventing pirates.

Episode #184: GPF TV Cribs

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Americans watch a LOT of TV, $1000 in 2010 could be worth $35 Million today in Bitcoins, Twitter has signed an NFL deal that includes no games, all about Destiny 2, and a review of NBA Playgrounds.

Episode #183: Hyper Light Drifting

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The end of the mp3 has been greatly exaggerated, the Windows Store is getting a wide range of non-Windows software, Samsung’s Galaxy 8 has been dubbed the most fragile smartphone ever and a review of Hyper Light Drifter.

Episode #182: DESYNC

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500 million machines are running Windows 10, white hat hackers are “protecting” the Internet of Things, Amazon’s Echo Show, and a look at a literal in-game shooter, DESYNC.