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Wait! I need a virus checker for my TV now? June 19th 2019

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Samsung believes Smart TV’s should be checked regularly for viruses, Volvo’s autonomous trucking vehicle is hauling goods in Sweden and all about Facebook’s new crypto currency, Libra Coin.

Epic E3 Exodus? June 12th 2019

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Epic game’s store exclusive Metro: Exodus suddenly appears and is released on Windows Store, FedEx and Amazon are parting ways, 2019s E3 is winding down and we have a look at the latest and greatest from the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

You shall Game Pass! June 5th 2019

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Apple shakes the iTunes store up on desktop and ends up with new areas for music, tv, and podcasts, Microsoft is bringing its Game Pass to PC, the World Health Organization has now recognized the diagnosis of gaming disorder and new research says internet use is diminishing your memory.

Processors! for everyone! May 29th 2019

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North Face brags about manipulating search algorithms and hacking Wikipedia, Lobbyists have succeeded in convincing California to table its right-to-repair-bill and AMD and Intel both announce new processors coming soon

Alexa! How do I gamify work? May 22nd 2019

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HBOs Game of Throne’s sets a record for viewing… and piracy, Formula E racing Is still losing money but also still ending up with revenue, Verizon wants to sell Tumblr, and PornHub is interested and Amazon wants to make warehouse work more fun, so its gamifying it

WoWing you like its 2004! May 15th 2019

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World of Warcraft Classic returns in August, Disney is taking over all of Hulu and AT&T is circling the content wagons and pulling Warner-Media content from rival streaming networks

The largest phone battery discharged May 1st 2019

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Valve’s Steam Link is now a personal cloud service that streams games anywhere, Energizer’s 18,000 mAh phone is no longer anything more than a memory, Samsung’s folding phone is delayed after wide-spread breakage reports and Intuit & H&R Block intentionally hide their free tax filing service from search engines

Out of the fold April 24th 2019

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A 2020 presidential candidate plans to campaign using a hologram, Digital music consumption has had a negative effect on Greenhouse Gases, Samsung’s folding phone is delayed after wide-spread breakage reports and Ubisoft offers a free game and free money to help rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Open Bionics is my hero April 10th 2019

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Open Bionics 3D-printed prosthetic arms are now available in the U.S., Samsung is adding a little anti-virus directly to your 2019 TV purchase, Office Depot is paying $35 million to settle claims of false malware infections and Free tax software from the IRS is about to be banned courtesy of paid tax software.