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Episode #243: The 10-Year Drive Challenge

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BitTorrent and Tron have a plan to use paid fast lanes for file transfers, more and more consumers are using over 1 terabyte of data a month, and is the “10-Year Challenge” an elaborate plan to train facial recognition software? We also take a quick look at some of the most reliable hard drives of 2018 courtesy of Backblaze.

Episode #242: Full Steam Ahead!

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The U.S. video game market has reached a record $43.4 billion in sales last year, doing its part Steam has over 90 million users and 30 thousand games available, and autonomous drones are dropping poison bombs on a rat-infested island. All of this and a look at the prevailing tech myths (and one potential truth) believed today.

Episode #241: Jokey Jokey Computer Talk Club

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Music streaming service Tidal is under criminal investigation for faking streams, a sim racer has beat a former F1 driver in a real-world event, and Hulu dropped its price the day after Netflix raised its own. All of this and a review of Doki Doki Literature Club.

Doki Doki Literature Club! Review

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With chipper music, colorful visuals, and a seemingly standard visual novel plot, Doki Doki Literature Club promises to be a fun, light-hearted dating sim – with a story that would be at home in any typical anime rom-com. However, the experience offered is anything but typical.

Episode #240: We sync with G-Sync and Freesync

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Netflix raises its prices across the board while fan favorite shows may be leaving the service, Japan’s robot hotel lays off half of its robot staff, and Nvidia finally relents and allows its users to use G-Sync AND adaptive sync, probably.

Episode #239: Good thing there is nothing valuable in our garage

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Amazon decides breaking into your garage is less intrusive than your house, a Russian startup wants to display billboard ads in the sky courtesy of micro satellites, and Ubisoft drops Steam for the Epic Game Store.

Episode #238: password 123456

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Porn on Tumblr is no more, a trillion-dollar Christmas is on its way for 2018 and we break down the worst passwords of the year.

Episode #237: AI be there for you

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The Epic Games store is shaping up to be a legitimate contender, a Taylor Swift concert scanned the crowd with facial recognition software in search of stalkers, AIs are getting better are playing video games (by cheating), and a look at FPS bullet-hell game, Mothergunship from Grip Digital.

Episode #236: Saddling up for epic movies

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Epic Games announces their own game store, YouTube is now streaming legitimate movies with ads and Red Dead Redemption 2 has the single-biggest opening weekend in the history of entertainment.