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My favorite game is Wallpaper Engine, September 16th 2020

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Comfortable gaming chairs = MYTH, Nvidia 3080 Series Gaming Card, Billy Idol’s Cyberpunk and Next Console Wave.

You can’t eat toilet paper, March 11th 2020

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Coronavirus is starting to cause fallout across the tech industry, The Smithsonian has released over 2 and a half million images you can use for free, TurboTax is spending billions on a free tax prep competitor and
Apple won’t let bad guys use iPhones in movies according to one director.

Before the storm, March 4th 2020

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Streaming is providing the lion’s share of the U.S. music industry’s revenue, the first amendment officially doesn’t apply to YouTube and other forums, GOG has a new refund policy and Twitter is now playing around with ‘Fleets’.

Decentralized Finance, February 26th 2020

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A look at the utopian and/or dystopian future of cryptocurrencies, dapps and blockchain technologies.
Everything you ever wanted to know about decentralized finance but were afraid to ask.

Another day another data breach, February 19th 2020

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Another day another data breach comes to light, this time 10 million guest records from MGM Resorts, Redbox embraces synergy with a pivot… to a free live-tv streaming service, Sony backs out of PAX over coronavirus concerns and Groupon drops goods to focus on services.

USB Type-C cable guide

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In the previous article we covered DisplayPort cables, however one connector was not heavily covered, USB Type-C. USB Type-C or USB C as its sometimes shortened to is the latest connector for the USB standard, but it is also used as a connector for DisplayPort…

Losing games in the Blizzard, February 12th 2020

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Netflix is finally letting you stop the autoplay trailers, Counter-Strike Global is about to take action through muting teamates, Geforce Now launches and immediately loses access to Activision/Blizzard games and a recent South Korean documentary recreates a small child in VR so her mother can say goodbye.

Huawei or the highway, February 5th 2020

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Xbox head Phil Spencer says PlayStation isn’t what they are worried about, Steam breaks a record with over 18 million players online simultaneously, Huawei has passed Apple in the smartphone race and U.S. court rules that being muted in a game isn’t an example of discrimination.

DisplayPort cable guide

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Cables can be confusing. They have so many buzz words, features and specifications its hard to know what you do and don’t need. In this guide we will focus on the key terms you will need to get the highest specification of DisplayPort cable. Why…