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USB Type-C cable guide

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In the previous article we covered DisplayPort cables, however one connector was not heavily covered, USB Type-C. USB Type-C or USB C as its sometimes shortened to is the latest connector for the USB standard, but it is also used as a connector for DisplayPort…

Huawei or the highway, February 5th 2020

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Xbox head Phil Spencer says PlayStation isn’t what they are worried about, Steam breaks a record with over 18 million players online simultaneously, Huawei has passed Apple in the smartphone race and U.S. court rules that being muted in a game isn’t an example of discrimination.

DisplayPort cable guide

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Cables can be confusing. They have so many buzz words, features and specifications its hard to know what you do and don’t need. In this guide we will focus on the key terms you will need to get the highest specification of DisplayPort cable. Why…

There’s gold in them thar fields, January 29th 2020

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Old farm equipment is experiencing a gold rush, Scroll removes ads across a range of sites for a flat fee, Grubhub is offering deliveries from restaurants that haven’t signed up and Some advice for people seeking free anti-virus software that won’t spy on you.

Dropping the fox, January 22th 2020

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Tax prep software can no longer hide free offerings, and may have a new competitor in the future, Google Play store will stop notifying you of app updates, Disney is dropping “Fox” from all of its new purchases and Pokemon Go’s Live Events may in fact drive over $200 million in travel expenses.

To our surprise, we made it, January 15th 2020

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More than a 100 million folks are using the Epic Game Store, Robot restaurants are on their way out, at least in San Francisco, PC sales are up for the first time in 9 years thanks in part to Lenovo and We look at the worst data breaches of 2019.

Netflix Originals?, December 4th 2019

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Netflix library is shrinking as focus turns to original content, Rocket League is officially loot box free and electric vehicles outsell manual transmissions in the US.

The Spy Who Wrote Me, November 27th 2019

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Valve announces a return to the world of Half-Life in VR, Motorola reveals the new foldable Razr smartphone along with its price and Twitch studio is available and now ANYONE can quickly be a twitch streamer. All of this and a review of the RecJoy Digital Voice Activated Recorder, spy-pen style.

Fit or not, your data is coming with us, November 13th 2019

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T-Mobile is promising an awful lot if they are allowed to merge with Sprint, Disney+ launches to the delight of 10 million subscribers, and pirates. Not happy with just FitBit data, it looks as though Google probably has all of your medical history too.