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Episode #195: The Best Ever… Maybe

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New York City police department is upgrading from Windows to iPhones, Phone companies are amping up giveaways, an AI can write reviews indistinguishable from the real thing, and a literal look at the Infray LED Penlight.


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My first experience in the world of Kenshi ended with me being eaten alive.

Episode #194: There’s no unlimits

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Moviepass makes watching theater films financially painless, Verizon redefines the word “unlimited” and throttles video, military bases can legally shoot down drones, and the $1000 smart phone is here.

Episode #193: It was acceptable in the 90s

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UCF kicker was ruled ineligible due to monetized YouTube videos, Microsoft says 71% of users are fine with being watched, brain-training games don’t train your brain, and the podcasting patent.

Episode #192: Roaming the Wild East

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Jeremia returns from Japan, we have a Blu Phone privacy warning for you, YouTube Red and Google Play Music are planning to merge, and the cyber-attack on HBO could potentially be larger than Sony’s was.

Episode #191: Bored by Cyborgs

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We have been doing this show for a long time, Elon Musk says we need to regulate AI for human safety, Google Search is planning some big changes, and a review of Crashday: Redline Edition.

Episode #190: Dark Ages Email

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AT&T is tricking customers into opposing net neutrality, Microsoft has a new subscription-based service for businesses, Facebook will soon show ads in Messenger, and Google Glass is shifting to factories.

Episode #189: Everspace

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Valve is patching Half-Life 20 years later, VR headsets are nearing affordability, TV networks are gaming the ratings system, the largest 4k TV ever is available, and a review of Everspace.

Episode #188: No! Exclamation! Mark! Needed!

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Photobucket is accused of blackmailing users, Microsoft’s Bing is gaining against Google, Oculus founder supports anti-DRM VR software, and Tidal has a surprise Jay-Z exclusive release.