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Episode #202: Grand Theft Crypto

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GTA 5 is the best selling videogame of all time in the US, cryptojacking has found its way into browsers and apps across the world, and the surprising Intel and AMD team-up to make a laptop processor.

Episode #201: Minimap

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The number of insecure websites is decreasing, Gamestop is getting into the rental business, Twitter has managed to add 4 million users, and a closer look at a boon (or bane) from the world of gaming, the minimap.

Episode #200: 200!

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Cord cutting is starting to hurt cable behemoths, Netflix has an increase in subscribers and original content, all about the WPA2 wireless vulnerability, and a review of Lock’s Quest from THQNordic.

Episode #199: Phat Lewt

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A discussion about your gaming friend and mine the loot box, Nintendo World Champion crowned after playing never before released level, and the Oculus Rift takes a permanent price drop.

Episode #198: Robodoc

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All Yahoo accounts prior to 2013 compromised, a robot has performed one of the most precise medical procedures ever, Samsung makes more money on iPhones, and a review of Baja: Edge of Control HD.

Episode #197: Ataribox

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New Assassin’s Creed Origins to have “Discovery Tour” mode, Apple Watch is being used to steal pitching signs, Valve has pulled over 150 games from its library, the Ataribox, and a review of Sine Mora EX.

Episode #196: Equifail

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Billions of devices affected by latest Bluetooth vulnerability, iPhone 8 and iPhone X pricing, and the Equifax hack, what we know and what it all means.

Episode #195: The Best Ever… Maybe

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New York City police department is upgrading from Windows to iPhones, Phone companies are amping up giveaways, an AI can write reviews indistinguishable from the real thing, and a literal look at the Infray LED Penlight.


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My first experience in the world of Kenshi ended with me being eaten alive.