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Netflix Originals?, December 4th 2019

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Netflix library is shrinking as focus turns to original content, Rocket League is officially loot box free and electric vehicles outsell manual transmissions in the US.

The Spy Who Wrote Me, November 27th 2019

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Valve announces a return to the world of Half-Life in VR, Motorola reveals the new foldable Razr smartphone along with its price and Twitch studio is available and now ANYONE can quickly be a twitch streamer. All of this and a review of the RecJoy Digital Voice Activated Recorder, spy-pen style.

Fit or not, your data is coming with us, November 13th 2019

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T-Mobile is promising an awful lot if they are allowed to merge with Sprint, Disney+ launches to the delight of 10 million subscribers, and pirates. Not happy with just FitBit data, it looks as though Google probably has all of your medical history too.

Existential fedora, November 6th 2019

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Twitter is banning all paid political ads starting November 22nd, AT&T’s failure to offer a truly Unlimited plan results in a $60 million fine, Fitbit will soon be owned by Google and Alex Everett puts on his existential fedora and dives deep into Disco Elysium by ZA/UM.

Generation PS4, October 30th 2019

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EA aims to start using Steam again, a quick chat about RTX-enabled games, Sony’s PS4 is the highest selling current gen console, the Xbox All Access program returns and a look at what Windows 10x is and if it really matters to you (hint: it doesn’t).

Nerfed DRM, October 16th 2019

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Google’s streaming game tech Stadia could have better latency in a year or two, the latest device to get DRM, Nerf darts, the Internet Archive recently added a plethora of pre-windows games and a look at Destiny 2’s new release and relocation along with a review of Sniper Elite V2 Remastered From Rebellion.

Trading in your Games… stop, September 11th 2019

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Gamestop is trading itself in to the tune of 200 store closings, World-building game Civilization 6 announces a battle royale mode and the biggest announcements from Apple’s recent tech event.

Shoes as a Service, September 4th 2019

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NBA 2K20 isn’t even pretending it isn’t gambling, Nike has a subscription shoe service for kids, Destiny 2 players can now link their accounts with Steam and over a million people have been watching stream of World of Warcraft classic on Twitch.

Do we have a CD player in our tool kit? August 7th 2019

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Long time music streaming holdout Tool joins the modern age, Disney+ is announced and what you can get for $12.99 a month and all three major console makers pledge to sort-of combat loot boxes.