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Episode #250: Out of the fold

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A 2020 presidential candidate plans to campaign using a hologram, Digital music consumption has had a negative effect on Greenhouse Gases, Samsung’s folding phone is delayed after wide-spread breakage reports and Ubisoft offers a free game and free money to help rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Episode #249: Open Bionics is my hero

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Open Bionics 3D-printed prosthetic arms are now available in the U.S., Samsung is adding a little anti-virus directly to your 2019 TV purchase, Office Depot is paying $35 million to settle claims of false malware infections and Free tax software from the IRS is about to be banned courtesy of paid tax software.

Episode #248: Killed by Google? Fake Reviews!

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Sony is ending the sales of digital codes to retailers, Fake Amazon reviews have yielded real fraud charges. Apple announces its Apple Arcade subscription service, We see everything Google has cancelled over the years on the Killed By Google site,

Negligee Review

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We’ve all been there – the manager at the lingerie shop we work at skips town with a new beau and we’re left in charge.

Episode #247: Games, Games, Games

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Google unveils its potential console killer Stadia, if you are an Amazon Prime user you can now select a day for deliveries, the Epic game store signs a new collection of exclusives while indirectly chastising Steam, and we take a first look at Ubisoft’s latest Tom Clancy gaming offering, The Division 2.

Episode #246: Judgement Day

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US Military says Our “Lethality Automated System” Definitely Isn’t a Killer Robot, the music industry continues to grow as CDs and Vinyl outperform digital downloads, China banned millions of people with poor social credit from transportation in 2018, and unveiled the first female AI newscaster.

Episode #245: 4K no way

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The US has the 5th fastest downloads on average in the world, Valve is ending its foray into video purchasing, and the bell tolls for 4K Blu-Ray as Samsung drops out of manufacturing players. We also look at a mobile game that is slowly sneaking into everyone’s phone, Disney Tsum Tsum.

Fear the Wolves Review

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Fear the Wolves is a fast paced, high intensity battle royal game for PC. Groups of 15 players compete to survive the many hazards of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone as well as each other in order to reach the final extraction point. As the clock ticks down, more and more of the map becomes eradiated, drawing players to a central point of confrontation.

Episode #244: Fear of the Phone Carriers

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A new study finds no link between playing video games and aggression, Phone carriers have been caught selling your location data to bounty hunters, and the Machinima video network is no more. We also take a look at the recently released Fear The Wolves from Vostok Games.