Just who am I listening to anyway?

Jeremy Smith, the program’s creator & host, has built numerous computer systems and has had a genuine love of computers since 1984. He is the one who assigns specific products to the correspondents for review and conducts the majority of the program’s interviews. He enjoys discussing the technology behind computers and consoles while maintaining a thin veneer of control when spouting off the latest buzzwords.

Ivan Baird, co-host and gaming correspondent, has been tooling around with computers and games since the gray and black Pong box back in the early 80’s. Our workhorse of sorts, his specialty is anything related to gaming.

Jeremia Schrock is a contributor to GPF. He is an avid WWII gaming fan, but also enjoys that quirky new indie release you probably haven’t heard of. He likes any video game so long as it tells a good story. He is not to be confused with the prophet.

Hannah Tallan is a part-time contributor to GPF, providing monthly indie game reviews. Her interests include serious, horror, and puzzle adventure games.

Chris Nutt is our resident Web Designer who hails from Fife, Scotland, has been using computers from the age of 9 and has used systems from the ZX Spectrum to Amiga A1200. With a new microphone and the magic of Skype, you can actually hear him on the show contributing as well.

Ryan Bateman is a contributor to GPF with a focus on the Android OS and all of the tablets, phones and all of the trappings that entails.