Literally Really Awesome: Actual Multiple Monitors

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Literally Really Awesome: Actual Multiple Monitors

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Title: Actual Multiple Monitors 5.1.1
Company: Actual Tools
Description: Multiple monitor manager
Price: $24.95 (Free 30 Day Trial)

Actual Multiple Monitors is a downloadable multiple monitor software solution developed by Actual Tools. Founded in 2001, Actual Tools specializes in the developing “desktop enhancement applications” for most of the Windows operating system (OS) family.

Actual Multiple Monitors (version 5.1.1) is for individuals and companies who use more than one desktop monitor at a time. Even though Apple may have built-in the proper tools to effectively manage more than one monitor, Microsoft has been fairly slow at providing true tools to make the dual-screen process painless in the Windows environment. Actual Multiple Monitors remedies that.

Multi-monitor Taskbar in individual mode. From

Multi-monitor Taskbar in individual mode. Picture from

This software program provides users with a wide-range of useful tools including, but not limited to:

  • a fully-functional taskbar on each monitor
  • buttons that allow users to move windows between monitors
  • custom hotkeys that are supported across both monitors
  • monitors that can be divided into sections, providing mini-desktops for each actual desktop
  • functioning gaming key combinations

Multiple Monitors is compatible with most Windows OS’  including Windows 8, 7, Vista and even XP. Listen in above as GPF’s Jeremy Smith gushes nearly uncontrollably about the excellent features and practical uses for Actual Tool’s Actual Multiple Monitors.

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