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Computer Games at Comdex 2003

By December 10, 2003No Comments
General Protection Fault
General Protection Fault
Computer Games at Comdex 2003

Company: ATI & nVidia
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Comdex 2003 featured several announcements for the gaming world, especially from ATI and nVidia. ATI touted the All-In-Wonder Radeon line with new software for sharing TV access and new releases of notebook graphic chipsets. In response, nVidia had a press conference for the 5700 notebook chipset, using high end games to prove their bragging rights.

GPF’s Jeremy Smith spoke with Matthew Witheiler, Product Manager for the Multimedia Group, and Chris Hook, Product Manager for Mobile and Integrated Products for ATI.

He then checked in with nVidia’s Director of Product Management for Notebook Products, Bill Henry.


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