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Build Me a Website

By November 26, 2003No Comments
General Protection Fault
General Protection Fault
Build Me a Website

Company: Macromedia
Web site:
Spokesperson: Director of Product Management Erik Larson


In today’s online society, virtually every company has a website. But consumers demand more than a simple e-mail link and pictures. That’s why businesses are increasingly turning to professionals to build a website for them, with bells and whistles and dancing bears. Meanwhile, the site owner is delegated to the thankless (and often confusing) job of content updates.

Web software manufacturer Macromedia has an excellent solution for those dreading their foray into the world of online updating, a product dubbed Contribute 2. GPF’s Jeremy Smith talked with Erik Larson, Macromedia’s Director of Product Management and the chief cheerleader for Contribute 2 and its new feature, Flash Paper.


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