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Logitech RX1000

By May 13, 2008No Comments

Description: Wireless Laser Mouse
Price: $29.95 (MSRP)
Web site:

logitechlogo Laser mice… they conjure up images of flashy, glowing devices for elite games players looking to pwn the opposition. However, what if you are on a budget, left-handed or just have really small hands? Then maybe the Logitech RX1000 is for you.

The RX1000 comes from Logitech’s PC Builders line and thus has no flashy packaging to shred your hands. Its as easy as opening a cardboard box and pulling out a bag. The down side is you have to go to Logitech’s web site to download a driver. Also it is USB only, so no un-buffered legacy PS2 ports for this space-age device. However, unlike the lasers used by James Bond villains, it does not: glow, burn or slice secret agents in two.

If you like the familiar glow of the optical mouse you may find the actual laser operation rather an anti-climax. The RX1000 is ambidextrous which is really useful for left-handers and the dual-wielders like me. Unfortunately, it is rx1000incredibly narrow for a desktop mouse; even an average sized female hand may find it cramped. This is a major gripe for an otherwise fantastic device and pushes it off our recommended list… as a mouse should, at the very least, be comfortable. Compared to Logitech’s previous dual-hand king (the MX310), this is a backward step in my opinion. Even though the RX1000 does glide across a mousing surface well, has a nice feel and is certainly stylized, unless you have small hands or prefer to hold your mouse with your fingers, this may be an unwise buy.

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