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Comments Better than Content

By September 28, 2007No Comments

There are a few individuals who will go out of their way to explain that video games are bad for everyone. Various news reports concerning how ‘Game X’ caused me to do ‘Action Z’ to a group of people/animals/celebrities. Then stories along these lines come along which, ultimately, make light of the whole thing, but in an unfunny way. Thankfully, comments exist which make it funny all over again. This is my favorite comment from a Destructoid article that debunks the above ‘story’:

“This is just like the time I was playing Cooking Mama and afterwards made some delicious croquettes. Clearly video games must be stopped.

Of course, this opens a whole new can of worms; that a hoax story like this can be reported as news simply because it is posted online. Especially when these folks, and these all pick it up and run with it. My big question is where is the disclaimer for where this came from (in the About section on the Detales site it says some articles are fake), and why didn’t anybody check sources? Comments?

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