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One Killer of a Game

By May 19, 2004No Comments
General Protection Fault
General Protection Fault
One Killer of a Game

Company: DreamCatcher Interactive
Web site:
Spokesperson: Executive Producer Brian Gladman


Painkiller (to make a very bad pun) is one killer of a game. Brian Gladman, an Executive Producer with DreamCatcher Interactive, says Painkiller is the third FPS (or first-person shooter) released by the publisher. It’s Brian’s pick for the company’s strongest game to date.

You play as an angel trying to rid a world between Heaven and Hell of evil… not evil people, but purely evil things. Harkening back to classic run-and-gun game play, you have to purge the universe of these dark denizens using several unique weapons while immersed in a truly interactive world. Click our listening link to hear Brian explain all about it to GPF’s Jeremy Smith.


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