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duckduckgo-logoIt is no secret that I am a huge fan of DuckDuckGo search. It has everything a privacy-savvy user could want — default HTTPS, zero user tracking, and anonymized search results. But up until now, those privacy features have come at a premium when compared to Google’s leviathan search engine. Although DuckDuckGo looks and feels fine – it has never really felt great. But a recent update to DuckDuckGo aims to change that.

The new interface, showing heuristic "Places" results.

The new interface, showing heuristic “Places” results.

The update, available now in preview at, brings a bounty of new features that level the playing field slightly between DuckDuckGo and it’s primary competitor, Google. Most visible of the incoming changes is the graphical overhaul. Gone, now, is the large red top bar and center-justified wall of links, in favor of a flat look and feel. The DuckDuckGo team has also added some much needed features that users have long been requesting – namely, the ability to search images, auto-completion, and places. DuckDuckGo implements all these new features and stills loudly claims: “Of course, your privacy is protected as well!”

To find a full list of updates, visit DuckDuckGo’s community forum, and click here to take the new design for a spin before it makes its official debut.

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