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General Protection Fault
General Protection Fault
Episode #212: Pizza! Please don't leave me behind!

Aired: March 14, 2018 | Episode: 212


  • Ford is testing autonomous pizza delivery vehicles
  • The ESRB responds to loot box controversy by creating warning labels for games
  • Dog cloning is now a thing
  • And cryptocurrency mining is aiding AMD’s market position


  • Jeremy Smith (Host)
  • Hannah Tallan (Co-Host)

GPF airs Wednesdays at 6:30 PM AST on KSUA 91.5 FM.

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  • Sharon says:

    Regarding Pizza in Italy. Italy has these wonderful pizza places. They don’t have tables and chairs. You stand in line for your pizza and you eat it on the go. They have less toppings than the typical american pizza. And, the pieces can be cut in squares. When you receive your pizza, it is folded over like a sandwich. Regardless, the pizzas are more wonderful than any Fairbanks Pizza and as popular!

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