Out of the fold April 24th 2019

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Out of the fold April 24th 2019

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Aired: April 24, 2019 | Episode: 250


  • A 2020 presidential candidate plans to campaign using a hologram
  • Digital music consumption has had a negative effect on Greenhouse Gases
  • Samsung’s folding phone is delayed after wide-spread breakage reports
  • and Ubisoft offers a free game and free money to help rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral


  • Jeremy Smith (Host)
  • Ivan Baird (Co-Host)

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  • Grendel says:

    High-lare-e-ous. Loved “called the ‘scent'” I’m posting because you pathetically said you don’t get any comments. Was looking for your May Pod Casts. Rock on. (did you know gp.com takes you to Georgia Pacific?)

    Looked up “rock on” in urban dictionary. “An alternative definition outside the concert scene A phrase commonly used among friends and acquaintances alike, in passing, as a greeting, or as a parting call. Also an effective opening or closing for voice-mails with co-workers and superiors, and other professional forms of communication; designed to pull the stick out from the great swaddling (form of ‘donkey’) of corporate America.”

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