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Company: FatCow
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CEO and Founder Jackie Fewell and Marketing and Development Director Peter Zeisman


When it comes to webhosting and making your internet presence felt online, you don’t really think of cows, or milk jokes, or puns involving ‘Moo.’ But webhosting company is having a bit of fun with its name while making it really easy to place your site on the Internet. Offering a ‘full glass of milk’ hosting vs. their ‘mini-moo’ email and domain name package, the guesswork on how to host your website is grazed down to what’s really important (see, i can make cow jokes too!). In a recent survey, FatCow was even awarded a 97% percent customer satisfaction ranking from its users.

So how is FatCow making webhosting not only affordable, fast and convenient but keeping thousands of customers happy? Jackie Fewell, President, CEO and founder joined Peter Zeisman, FatCow’s Marketing and Development Director, along with GPF’s Jeremy Smith for a look at all things Internet and web hosting. With a name like FatCow you know the company has a humorous streak and Jackie began our interview with her reasoning behind the name.


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