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Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD

Product Title: Galaxy On Fire 2 HD
Publisher: bitComposer Games
Description: Arcade Space Sim
Price: $19.99(Steam)

Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD allows PC gamers a chance to battle and barter in this award-winning space sequel from the mobile world.

In October 2010, Hamburg-based studio Fishlabs Entertainment brought the original Galaxy On Fire to iOS and some Android devices. BitComposer published the Full HD PC edition in August 2012.

Players see the galaxy through the eyes of Keith T. Maxwell, a mercenary whose faulty hyperdrive threw him 35 years into the future and across the galaxy. In that time, an alien raider race known as the Void leaves four peaceful nations ill at ease with each other. Maxwell does whatever he can to return his universe to peace. He can seek friendship or animosity with the nations. He trades, does side jobs and earns enough to beef up his spaceship. During his travels, he encounters dozens of space stations and galaxies.

The newest addition to the cross-platform family introduces a German-language option.

Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD is available digitally on Steam and Origin, or in box form via Amazon.

Our very own space jockey Ivan Baird attempted to put out the conflagration in his review of Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD.

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