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General Protection Fault
General Protection Fault
GPF Episode #46

Episode 46 – October 3, 2012


  • Jeremy Smith (host)
  • Ivan Baird (co-host)
  • Ryan Bateman (correspondent)
  • Ian Larsen (correspondent)

On tonight’s show:

  • How big is “big enough” for a TV?
  • “Your only limit is the space between your floor and ceiling” -Ivan
  • What the Earth sounds like from space
  • “It sounds like the earth is screaming” -Ivan
  • Entertainment Weekly includes a smart phone (cheap Chinese one) in October 5 magazine
  • Really disposable advertising
  • Ryan Bateman talks Apple v. Samsung and iPhone 5
  • Ian Larsen reviews free-to-play game Vindictus

Note: GPF airs Wednesdays at 7:30 PM PST (-8 GMT) on KSUA 91.5 FM.

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