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General Protection Fault
General Protection Fault
GPF Episode #76: Everything Is Depressing

Episode 76 – July 26, 2013


  • Jeremy Smith (Host)
  • Ivan Baird (Co-host)
  • Ryan Bateman (Tech Correspondent)

On tonight’s show:

  • Most of game maker Electronic Arts’ real-life money is from virtual sales
  • A SIM card hack, 3 years in the making, allows attackers to take over your phone
  • Robot bullies
  • Breakfast with Google Announcements: Nexus 7, Android 4.3, Chromecast and more!
  • Interview: Perry Goldstein – MXL Microphones

GPF airs Wednesdays at 6:30 PM AST on KSUA 91.5 FM.

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