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General Protection Fault
General Protection Fault
GPF Episode #41

General Protection Fault

Episode 41 – August 22, 2012


  • Jeremy Smith
  • Ivan Baird

On tonight’s show:

  • Diablo III Patch 1.04 Discussion
  • Nintendo Power to end publishing
  • Old guys talking about the Nintendo past
  • Analysis of Nintendo’s hardware choices
  • Amazon’s Glacier back-up discussed
  • Ivan doesn’t need it
  • OnLive goes offline.. then back online
  • Streaming service discussion
  • Internet Archive makes offerings via BitTorrent
  • History of BitTorrent, Public vs. Private Trackers
  • uTorrent to go ad-based

Note: GPF airs Wednesdays at 6:30 PM AST on KSUA 91.5 FM.

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