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Product Title: Hard Reset
Publisher: Flying Wild Hog
Description: First Person Shooter, OLD SCHOOL CYBER STYLE
Price: $29.95

Offering a return to a simpler time of gaming, Hard Reset provides a shoot-em-up infusion of crazy action into a world seemingly dominated by plodding, cover-based shooters.

Listen in as GPF’s cyber-specialist Ivan Baird and hacker neophyte Jeremy Smith explore the beautiful, futuristic world of a man… who does not exist. Just kidding, that’s Knight Rider. This one is all about Major Fletcher.

The Game:

Hard Reset is an action-packed, single-player shooter for the PC. Set in a cyberpunk city, Hard Reset emphasizes over-the-top destruction and gives you a large variety of weapons to dispatch hordes of enemies.

The Story:

The world as we know it ceased to exist. Humanity is at the verge of extinction, living in the last closed city of Bezoar. Mankind wages war against the machines controlling vast areas of what became the ‘Barrens’. Machines want to control and assimilate ‘The Sanctuary’ a network that holds billions of digitalized human minds. Our hero, Maj. Fletcher, is a soldier of CLN – a corporation combat unit, established to protect the city. Machines are constantly assaulting the walls of Bezoar. Fletcher moves in when Bezoar’s protective barrier is breached.

Take a look at the trailer to get a feel for what the game is about, and then click to hear our thoughts on this downright impressive freshman offering from a studio claiming some big game veterans.

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