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Computer Talk That You Can Use

By September 10, 2007No Comments

If you had any question about the direction this blog would take, hopefully the heading has cleared it all up. I have always had a fascination with technology and the idea of being an online journalist and I cannot think of a better way to marry my two interests into one, centralized location. I’ve had a website for quite a few years, but never a publicly accessible blog. Its a little daunting when one considers how much updating must be done, but as I have heard, on the Web, content is king and I want to rule the Internet.

There are quite a few things I am hoping to learn from this class, and already during the first few meetings I have found a few more. What seems most interesting is how does the classic journalist fit into this blog-heavy and podcast-aware online picture? Where do active bloggers, online journalists and their paper-based counterparts cross from one world of reporting (and respectability) into the next? How do public relations and journalists work together without compromising either groups values and goals? When would it be accurate to equate journalists as a metaphorical newspaper and bloggers as a photocopied ‘Zine?

Through the posting of technology articles and research into other blogs around the world, I’m hoping to have a better understanding of not only what it means to be a technology journalist, but how to do it successfully.

Just to start things out, I found a fascinating look into the world of video game journalism as told by said journalists.  Unfortunately its a little over a year old, but one I have found myself going back to when working on a technology segment for my website. Its a very interesting read to say the least… in particular their take on pundits as the news-makers.

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