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Burning Spam

By April 7, 2004No Comments
General Protection Fault
General Protection Fault
Burning Spam

Company: Matterform Media
Web site:
Spokesperson: Founder Michael Herrick


Matterform Media has been serving the computer world with internet software for over 10 years. Founded in 1992 by Michael Herrick, the company became part of the dot-com community in 1994 when the website went global out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Michael not only founded and heads the company, but still deals with customer service and is the primary developer of all the software.

Spamfire is an anti-spam filter for your e-mail. Working with any program, Spamfire burns through the spam, separating it from the wanted e-mails. By using fuzzy logic filters (which don’t filter according to one word, but several) , your good e-mails are rarely separated. And if they do get tossed into the burn pile, you can rescue them before they’re incinerated with the rest of the rubbish. As Michael Herrick tells GPF’s Jeremy Smith, Spamfire features automatic updates to filter out known spammers and an easy setup.


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