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Microsoft Flight

Description: Flight Simulator
Price: $FREE (DLC available)

Microsoft has a long history with the flight simulation genre. From the imaginatively named Microsoft Flight Simulator to the even more imaginatively named Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft has been cranking out simulators since 1982.

Currently the longest-running software product line for Microsoft, the Microsoft Flight Simulator team went through a major shake-up in 2009 when the entire development team had to struggle with major layoffs.

The last major release from the flight sim team was in 2006, and many supporters of the title were resigning themselves to no further releases.

However, in a surprise move Microsoft resurrected the brand and released a newer – and easier to approach – version of its venerable franchise… with an exclusive focus on the Hawaiian islands.

Take a look at the launch trailer and then listen in as GPF’s Jeremy Smith describes flying an experimental plane across the Big Island – using only a mouse – in Microsoft Flight.

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