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Title: MightyText
What is it: Android Messaging App
Price: Free

Does the subtle bzzt of your smartphone receiving a text message give you the jitters? You aren’t alone. Although pecking out text messages on an Android smartphone has been made better by the wide array of keyboard options made available to Android users, sometimes you need to call in the artillery.

That’s where MightyText comes in. The app (available only for Android phones) forwards all incoming text messages to a centralized account, which users can then access through a web front-end. Outgoing messages are forwarded to your phone and sent out as a standard text message. And therein lies MightyText’s strength.

MightyText interfaceWhile other messaging solutions (WhatsApp, Kik, and so forth) all allow users to message from a variety of platforms, they all require convincing your friends to make the switch to whatever messaging platform you’ve chosen to use. No matter how great some of those other messaging services may be, the truth of matter is that standard SMS text messaging is the only service that even nears a 100% adoption rate.

MightyText has a number of other great features bundled with the core texting service – for example, the web app shows your phone’s battery life in the lower left hand corner, giving you a clear illustration of when you might need to charge. MightyText also uses the Chrome browser’s pop-up notification system (this feature is limited to installers of their Chrome extension) which allows you to quickly know when a text message has been received.

One of the biggest benefits of MightyText in my own experience was the fact that it allowed me to leave my phone on the charger or in another room while at home. I have a suspicion that I’m not the only person who keeps their phone close throughout evenings spent at home, just in case of a phone call or text message. With MightyText I was able to leave my phone elsewhere when I was sitting at my computer, responding and maintaining SMS conversations without taking the time to peck out individual letters.

A word to the wise, however: remember that the recipient of your messages might not be so keen on your newfound typing speed – keep your messages brief, unless you want to overwhelm them!

For more information about MightyText, or to install the app and Chrome extension, visit

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