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Micropayments with Peppercoin

By July 7, 2004No Comments
General Protection Fault
General Protection Fault
Micropayments with Peppercoin

Company: Peppercoin
Spokesperson: Founder Perry Solomon


Online. At the store. In a car. Those are the three statements that greet you at the Peppercoin website, a company planning to make the new world of small transactions via credit card, not only possible but profitable.

Peppercoin’s business is based on the concept of micropayments, or the charging of purchases worth between 50 cents and 10 dollars, and the issues that arise when trying to make small transactions profitable to a merchant. Peppercoin has found a way to make those single song purchases, movie rentals and arcade games paid for with credit cards profitable, which could result in not only a more diverse selection of content for consumers, but the possibility of lower prices as well.

GPF spoke with company founder and VP of Strategy and Products Perry Solomon about the world of micropayments and how processing credit cards in today’s digital society are resulting in some shaky fiscal ground. Peppercoin came into being through a matter of chance and, as Perry explains, has some illustrious roots.


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