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Planets under Attack

Product Title:
Planets under Attack
Strategy in Space

Planets under Attack is a strategy/role-playing-game set in outer space and developed by Russia-based Targem Games (Battle vs. Chess, Armageddon Riders).

You play as Mr. Goodman; a human trader set on making his fortune in the far-flung reaches of the universe.  While it may sound like Settlers of Catan (in Space), gameplay is more like Star Wars: Empire at War crossed with Asteroid; wield a mighty space fleet and conquer the various planets of the universe.

This game promises both a single-player storyline, as well as online multiplayer. It has a comic-book feel aimed at telling an “exciting and funny story.” Players can choose between two separate races, and battle gradually more challenging enemies such as aliens, robots, and zombies.

Planets under Attack has a steampunk feel with a setting firmly rooted in science fiction. Listen in as GPF’s planetary explorer Ivan Baird attempts to defend the galaxy in his review of Planets under Attack.

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