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Digital Video

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General Protection Fault
General Protection Fault
Digital Video

Company: Plextor
Web site:
Spokesperson: Director of Marketing and New Business Development Dirk Peters


In virtually every closet there’s a camcorder filled with images of a child’s birthday or that family reunion where Uncle Joe put the lampshade on his head. Historically, the only way to save those images was by copying the tape, leading to signal degradation, or mailing them out to an archival company so you could preserve them. Now anyone can capture their favorite magnetic memories inside their computer with digital video editing. Amateur photographers can do everything from editing out the bad parts, to adding titles and burning them to a longer lasting digital format or e-mailing them to friends and family.

Dirk Peters is the Director of Marketing and New Business Development at Plextor. He’s the chief evangelist behind the company’s move into the digital editing world with ConvertX PXM402U, the Oh-So-Catchy name for their USB device that allows you to transfer and encode your camcorder or VHS video into your computer. With the release of the ConvertX, Plextor has added its first non-CD-Burning project to its US product lineup. Listen in as Dirk explains why anyone would want to work with video on their computer in the first place.


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