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posterazorProduct Title: PosteRazor
Description: Poster-izing Utility
Price: Free

Sometimes it is hard to say much about an application because it just does what it needs to well… with a minimum of fuss and nonsense. PosteRazor fulfills a specific task: taking large images and splitting them up into multiple sheets with overlaps for print out on a normal desktop printer.

I discovered PosteRazor after I was asked by my Dad for assistance to blow up two plans for a model train car to 2 1/3 times the size of the original (A3 Landscape). So I scanned the plans in and stitched the two images together in  Then I hit the net for a suitable piece of software to solve my problem. Eventually, after a bit of trial and error, I discovered PosteRazor.

PosteRazor presents itself with a wizard, similar to how Windows 7 handles printing multiple images, and how most software installs itself in Windows. You make your choice and click next for the load of options. By breaking down the process in this way, I would imagine it would help a less experienced user undertake what could be a more complicated process. The output at the end is rendered as a PDF. The big benefit to this is since it is a PDF, you can print and reprint the parts over and over again. You only have to run PosteRazor once so no need to repeat any steps.

As you can guess I – and my father – give this great little application the thumbs up!

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