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Radiohead Revisited

By November 7, 2007One Comment
General Protection Fault
General Protection Fault
Radiohead Revisited

RadioheadSince Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” release on October 10th, many fans have downloaded the album with its unique pricing scheme… the one which allows you to determine its value. Some paid full price, but they were few and far removed. The majority seemed to believe that the album itself should be free, and valued it as such. I had a chance to go through the entire process of downloading the new Radiohead album and you can hear the entire experience from this very page!

UPDATE: Apparently, we have a comedian at WordPress because the only way the above audio player works is to speed everything up to chipmunk levels or it continues to buffer forever. Until I work all of this out, the file can be downloaded from this link:

UPDATED UPDATE: Now it’s working. Sometimes I really dislike computers.

Ready for more audio? I’m not sure if I am yet. Let me know.

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  • Joelbot McMartin says:

    I didn’t realize you had converted GPFault into a blog until today, and I must say hearing that little clip you posted in this article was a bit nostalgic of the olden days on the radiowaves.

    I downloaded this album from them a day or so after it was released (it was impossible to get for a few days because of the ridiculous traffic). I am pretty happy with it. They have definitely taken a step in the right direction, making it a bit less over the top with a more modernized feel but I don’t think it could top MY favorite radiohead album of all times “The Bends”. It’s all about the bends, baby.

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