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General Protection Fault
General Protection Fault
Harley-Davidson: Wheels of Freedom

Product Title: Harley-Davidson: Wheels of Freedom
Publisher: InfoGrames, Inc.
Motorcycle Racing
Price: $14.99 (MSRP)

Harley-Davidson: Wheels of Freedom offers a day at the motorcycle races and an evening at the poker table to bikers who aren’t looking for customization or graphic wipe-outs.

Atari (then Infogrames) teamed up with Canopy Games to roll out Wheels of Freedom in late 2000. Riders can tear the pavement across four rally tracks alone or in multiplayer mode. Each track offers three race options: open road, checkpoint and poker. In poker, players earn cards at checkpoints and gamble for the trophy at the end of the race. Motorcyclists can also immerse themselves by revving engines and popping wheelies. Wheels of Freedom is more about the races than the bikes: the five motorcycles lack customization beyond paint jobs and riders.

Before she worked for C-SPAN, Libby Casey bucked her mother’s fear of motorcycles and raced her hog in Wheels of Freedom. In this review from 2001, she shares the rewards of her experience with General Protection Fault.

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