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South Park, Free For All

By March 24, 2008No Comments

kickthebaby In a move that makes me feel just that much better about my favorite Comedy Central cartoon, it was just announced that every episode of South Park will be made available free to watch online at No more $2 iTunes or Xbox Live downloads, or low-quality YouTube postings: each episode, plus extras, all available on demand… free. I missed all of season 5 and I am in dire need of catching up and figuring out just what happened to Kenny and why he was replaced with Tweek.

I just finished attempting to watch an episode online (Season 2, Chickenlover) using Firefox, and after a fairly lengthy loading process I was able to crash my browser… however, it IS in BETA, which means it is still being tested, so I am not passing too much judgement yet.

Upon opening Internet Explorer and attempting to play just a clip though, I was able to load the short segment on Britney Spear’s new look and crash the browser again… still not passing judgement. Yet.

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