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General Protection Fault
General Protection Fault
Special Forces: Team X


Product Title:  Special Forces: Team X
Publisher: Atari
Description: FPS
Price: $14.99

Special Forces: Team X is the latest third-person shooter from Zombie Studios.

Cover-based multi-player only shooting in action!

Cover-based multi-player only shooting in action!

The game is multi-player only and combines the feel of an arcade shooter with team-focused combat (think Team Fortress).

Special Forces: Team X allows players to make their own arenas to battle in, combining various game-levels into one large playable map. There are also a wide variety of weapons to choose from, from machine guns to chainsaws. The graphics are both colorful and stylized à la Borderlands 2.

Team X is available on PC and XBOX 360.

Special Forces operative Ivan Baird takes a shot at Special Forces: Team X in his review for GPF.

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