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General Protection Fault
General Protection Fault
Surprise! we're small time influencers July 24th 2019

Aired: July 24, 2019 | Episode: 259


  • 30,000 followers makes you an Internet “celebrity,” says UK ad regulator
  • EA: “We don’t call them loot boxes”, they’re “surprise mechanics”
  • Court rules Amazon can be held responsible for defective third-party goods


  • Jeremy Smith (Host)
  • Jeremia Schrock (Co-Host)

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  • Grendel says:

    “Amazon is a ‘seller’ of products on its website, even though the products are sourced and shipped by third-party vendors such as The Furry Gang….. Amazon’s involvement in transactions extends beyond a mere editorial function; it plays a large role in the actual sales process… This includes receiving customer shipping information, processing customer payments, relaying funds and information to third-party vendors, and collecting the fees it charges for providing these services.” U.S.Circuit Judge Jane Richards Roth

    I find it hard to believe that Amazon couldn’t trace this seller for the ‘wounded’ party. I don’t believe Amazon should be responsible for the broken collar per se, maybe they should be responsible for the duplicitous nature of a vendor they represent. If Amazon provided information about the vendor that allowed the woman to sue the vendor; that would be a different story. There have been a lot of complaints about retractable leashes. I have to wonder why she doesn’t try and sue the leash company.

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