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Windows VistaActually, we were podcasting when it was just a glint in that MTV DJ’s eye. It was called STREAMING back in my day and we liked it! However, times change and with them, GPF moves into the brave new era of podcasting. Soon, archives of GPF and new content will be appearing for your listening pleasure. Feel free to offer comment on this, the first GPF podcast.

UPDATE: Alack, alack, alack! I cannot find this audio anywhere, as I posted it before I understood the raw fury, power and danger of the Net… and I didn’t make a back-up. I’ll keep this post as THE FIRST GPF PODCAST EVER… tribute. -Jeremy

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  • Chris says:

    You guys did streaming, but I also used to download the show in full around a week later. Also you split out reviews in a way that very few others have replicated since.

    You were podcasting for reals before the iPod!

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