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…the moments that make up a dull page. So I have the yearn to return to this site now, after solving a few life issues and moving a few times, along with finding the password, and I have a merry band of frolickers ready and waiting to jump on board. Just like we used to do on KUAC, when we entertained ourselves for an hour each week and no one really listened except you… well, and us, we plan to do it again.

I have a task master this time, a dignified PRODUCER no less, so I may actually stick to it.

Even Ivan, the man who never ONCE really read this site in any of its iterations wants to get back on the electro saddle and pick digital burrs out of his… um, I’m at a loss for a tech item that would work with the term ‘ass’.

Any ideas?

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  • Chris says:

    I think this is great news. Most podcasts work best with at least one straight guy and one funny guy. It’s the play off between the two. Now you can be funny, but with Ivan in tow the magic happens. lol, I just read myself.

    Any hoo good things.

    The question is what do you want to bring to the table? times have changed since GPF of old ruled the waves, there are plenty of tech podcasts now. However I think most of them are SF/NY based, not much from the north. Some small insights in additional to main stream coverage would be great.

    Take for example; hybrids and electric cars. Would they even work most of the time in Alaska or Oregon? Last time I checked batteries and cold not work well.

    • GPFault says:

      Good question and ideas!
      I think I may need to pay a visit to a local dealer and see what kind of issues/concerns pop up with an electric car that just are not around with a gas-powered one.

      But the question you pose about what do we plan to do is a good one and one I am actively thinking about.

      I am leaning towards a 30 minute length; interview, review and story combined with bi-weekly specials – like gaming, home, environmental (i.e. cars, outside, gps) and then a single corresponding honest to god REPORTING segment that support each one of the focusi. So a real reporting story about 3 times a month, one week of screwoffery, 30 minute length, 1 show a week, with supplemental material, extended (see UNEDITED) interviews online, and a forum.

      Design wise:
      I think I need to shrink my text and widen the center column… I like this 3 column layout on SPCR and how it moves with browser size. Maybe I just need to make my text slightly smaller.

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