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Product Title: Vindictus
Action RPG

Gaming correspondent Ian Larsen joined the GPF team with the promise of looking at games that are either free-to-play or are an incredibly good value. The first one on his menu was Nexon’s free-to-play Vindictus.

There are 4 heroes to choose from in this third-person perspective action RPG: a mage, a giant log-swinging barbarian, a master swordsman, and of course an archer.

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Vindictus uses Valve’s Source engine to bring physics to the game, along with a decent amount of fully destructible objects in dungeons. So if you have ever felt the urge to hurl a huge rock or statue at an enemy, you now have the power to do that.

Here is an excerpt from Ian’s review over on Pennies for Pixels:

The game’s story is actually kind of interesting which is great. My character started off climbing a collapsing tower to defeat a monstrous spider that was not actually a monster, but the guardian of a town. I was then stopped by a princess and told not to harm the spider because it was her friend.

After not listening to her, I went up the tower to vanquish the evil beast, which caused the meddling woman to become injured. Being the nice guy that I am, I decided to then carry her up six flights of steps so she could witness the downfall of the spider by my hand.

Listen in above as Ian Larsen takes a stab at Nexon’s free-to-play Vindictus.

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