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Windows Vista Part II.5 – Remember when…

By November 12, 2007One Comment

NostalgiaApparently customers are never happy. With all of the information you have heard from friends, read online or in magazines, or perhaps even seen on television, something new is often met with a bit of defiance, some ridicule and sometimes, downright resistance. We’ve taken a look at Vista’s reception from the public in previous posts, but if you think back a few years, say to 2002, Microsoft released another operating system that also received a mixed reaction… what was it called? Oh yes, Windows XP. (Note: click the link on the bottom of the story to progress through this nearly identical laundry list of complaints that we once had against our current PC savior, Windows XP)

A great big thanks to Chrispynutt who pointed this out to me while waxing philosophic about what the future name of Microsoft’s next big operating system would be; mine was Windows Marmalade, his was Windows Live Treacle. What’s yours?

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