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Windows Vista SP1 Added Bonus: Anti-Virus May Stop Working

By February 23, 2008One Comment

Windows Vista SP1 Potential ProblemsThe BBC has this excellent story about how the newest update (actually, its called a Service Pack because it is huge) for Windows Vista will cause some third-party programs to stop functioning, lose specific features or both. The affected programs are listed on the left. I am really having trouble recommending Vista as it is, but this makes it downright impossible.

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  • chris says:

    XP Era: Everbody to Microsoft “Improve Security, stop those nasty people getting into the juicy bits of Windows”
    Vista Era: Everbody to Microsft “Allow our programs access to the juicy bits of Windows you broke them! why did you do that?”
    MS can not win.

    I don’t use any of those products and it is telling that most are security or hitting the hardware. The reason they don’t work anymore is there is more holes being filled in the Window’s armor and that is a good thing!

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